C++ Programming

C++ is a general-purpose programming language. It was created by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs circa 1980. C++ is very similar to C (invented by Dennis Ritchie in the early 1970s). C++ is so much compatible with C that it will probably compile over 99% of C programs without changing a line of source code. Though, C++ is a lot well-structured and safer language than C as it is Object Oriented Programming (OOP) based.
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45 days
Class: 1hr, Assignment: 1hr
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About Course

  • Const and Casting
  • Const correctness
  • Overloading on const
  • C++ cast operators
  • Mutable
  • Standard conversions
  • Converting constructors
  • User defined conversions
  • Namespaces
  • Nested types
  • Static
  • Throwing and catching correctly
  • Exception safe code
  • The new handler
  • Placement new
  • Overloading new and delete
  • auto
  • initialization syntax
  • rvalue references
  • nullptr
  • enums
  • range-based for
  • lambdas
  • threading
  • C++ Template Functions
  • What are templates?
  • Implementing template functions
  • Template instantiation
  • C++ Template Classes
  • Creating a template class
  • Class instantiation
  • Non-type template parameters
  • Specialization
  • A brief introduction to metaprogramming
  • What are value types?
  • Construction and destruction
  • Copying and assignment
  • Operator overloading
  • The Bridge design pattern
  • Using Bridge to decouple compilation
  • Implementing handle/body
  • What are functors?
  • Implementing functors using operator overloading
  • What are smart pointers?
  • Uses of smart pointers in C++
  • Implementing a simple smart pointer
  • Reference counting and smart pointers
  • Std::auto_ptr
  • The Singleton design pattern
  • A na├»ve implementation
  • Problems with Singleton in C++
  • Controlling Singleton lifetime
  • Real time Project on C++
  • Code refactoring
  • Software development
  • Evaluation